State Branches & Federations

Indian Confederation of Medical Laboratory Science (ICMLS)

ICMLS is national federal organization comprising of various National Associations, State Associations, Institutional Associations of Medical Laboratory Technology Professionals from Government and Private Health care establishments/ Departments.
As presently many States and Government Departments have no formal functional association, therefore to unite and incorporate all such interested lab professionals for a broader professional alliance of MLS professionals under ICMLS; it has been decided to establish State Branches/Departmental Units under ICMLS.

List of ICMLS Affiliated Associations

  1. All India ESIC Medical Laboratory Technologists Association
  2. All India Railway Medical Laboratory Technologists Association
  3. Medical Laboratory Technologists Association (MLTA of LHMC-SSKH-KSCH).
  4. Haryana State Medical Laboratory Technologists Association (HSLTA)
  5. Medical Laboratory Technologists Association (Private Lab Staff Association-Haryana)
  6. Association of Self Employees Owner of Private Laboratories, (ASEOPPLOG), Gujarat.
  7. All Assam Medical Laboratory Technologists Association.

State Branches/Federation

These are integral part of ICMLS organizational structure governed by ICMLS bylaws-
  1. ICMLS All India CGHS Branch
  2. ICMLS Delhi State Branch
  3. ICMLS Rajasthan State Branch
  4. ICMLS Chandigarh Branch
  5. ICMLS NIHMANS Bangalore Branch
  6. ICMLS VMMC & SJH Branch
  7. ICMLS Dr RML Branch
  8. ICMLS (NITRD) Mehrauli, Delhi Branch
  9. ICMLS AIIMS, New Delhi Branch
  10. ICMLS OFB Branch
  11. ICMLS Puducherry Branch
  12. ICMLS NTI Branch