Indian Confederation of Medical Laboratory Science (ICMLS)

Please read following terms & conditions before applying for ICMLS Membership

Types of Membership

The membership of the society is open for Organizations and individuals which fulfills the terms & conditions of the society without discrimination of religion, caste, colour or creed but subject to the approval of the National Executive Council of ICMLS. If the membership is refused to any person or any organization, the reason for refusal shall be communicated to the concerned.

1. Organisational /Associations Membership:

This type of membership is open to all Registered associations/unions/organisation/institutions of Medical Laboratory Technology stream which fulfill the terms and conditions of the society. Organisations have to apply with their joining resolution from their Governing body and with required joining fee for getting ICMLS organizational membership.

2. Individuals Associate Membership:

This type of membership is open to all Medical Laboratory Technologists, Scientists engaged in practice, study and research of Medical Laboratory Technology under Central Government, State Government, Autonomous organisation, PSU, local and private health establishment in India. Such membership is open for those who want to associate with ICMLS on individuals capacity and are not associated with ICMLS through any association/organization, They will enjoy all privileges except casting vote in election. They will be required to be a part of an association to become eligible for election process of society.

Benefits of Membership:

1. Networking opportunities:

Members can deepen their existing business relationships and forge new contacts regularly. They can attend periodic meetings, be an active member in a subcommittee, or take up a more prominent role. They can make lasting ties with other professionals in their trade having common interests or similar concerns. The relationships are mostly rich, and an ongoing source of ideas and inspiration.

2. Professional development:

Professions like ours require accredited and ongoing education to retain the quality of health care we provide. Training and certification on the mastery of particular and ever advancing Medical Laboratory Technology skills can help members to increase their worth in the profession and society as well. Newsletters and journals published by the association give an opportunity to members to polish their communication skills and learn about the advances in their field. Access to research material and industry information is another reason behind joining ICMLS.

3. Updates on policies:

It’s amazing how much one piece of legislation can impact a profession. A section of ICMLS shall be devoted to updating members about these changes. ICMLS will also advocate for the profession and notify members (especially student members) about how to prepare for any change.

4. Support system:

ICMLS shall provide a visible and strong support system to its members both on Association and Individual levels. Various professional and advocacy issues can be raised and even solved on much bigger social and political platform whereas and individual member or association might face limitations in same. Mentors and executive committee members at ICMLS hold the responsibility to observe and address every big and small hurdle faced by the members. Also, the feeling that you have a support system would boost your confidence too. 

5. ICMLS Conferences & Meetings:- ICMLS hold annual Conference and various other scientific & professional events for the professional development of its members.

6. Awards & Scholarship:- ICMLS recognizes the outstanding contribution of its members in different areas of profession and provides 5 prestigious Awards to its members during Annual Conference. 

7. Social Development:- Members can be part of various social initiatives undertaken during NMLPW from 17th to 23 July every year

Membership Fee (Organisational Membership)

National Association/Federation

Rs 50000/-

State Association/Federation

Rs 30000/-

Institutional association/group

Rs 10000/-

Individuals Membership:-

Life Membership

Rs 3000/-

Student Membership

Rs 1000/-

NRI Membership

USD 150

Good Standing Certificate

USD 100

Important Points:- 

1. Revised Membership fee is as under which is applicable form 1st April, 2019
2. State Branches can be established if more than 50 members of a particular state take membership of ICMLS on individual capacity by paying membership fee.
3. Institutional/ Departmental Unit/ Branches can be established if more than 20 members of a particular organization/Institutions take membership of ICMLS on individual capacity.
4. Membership fee payment should be made through online mode in favour of ICMLS, payable at New Delhi.
5. The confirmation of organization membership is subject to approval of Governing body of ICMLS and fulfilling of required conditions/documents. T
6. The confirmation of individual membership is subject to fulfilling of eligibility criteria of membership regarding qualification and payment of required fee.  In case, the applicant failed to submit         the required documents, the membership fee paid by him/her shall be paid back to the applicant account.
7. The organizational membership or Individual membership  may be suspended at any stage, in case the member Association/organization or individual  is not following the bylaws of ICMLS or             found in any anti-Association activity. The membership fee is not refundable.   

Account details for payment of membership fee:-

Account Holder ICMLS
Bank Name State Bank of India
Bank Address Gole Market, New Delhi
Account Number 41649623150
IFSC Code SBIN0013183

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